Host a Workshop

Help people with chronic conditions to live a healthy life:

Host a workshop at your organization!

 Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions is an evidence-based program that makes a real difference in the lives of the participants. Your organization can help us reach more people by hosting a six-week workshop at your facility.

We will:

  • Supply all workshop materials
  • Help promote the workshop
  • Help with registration, if necessary
  • Provide trained Peer Leaders, or provide training for staff or volunteers from your organization

You will provide:

  • Space that is accessible and can accommodate up to 20 people
  • Tables, chairs and flip chart stands
  • Convenient parking or nearby transit

To find out more about hosting Living a Healthy Life, contact us at 519-421-5691 or 1-855-463-5692 Host locations are selected based on geographical distribution, availability of leaders, and other factors.