“I am so glad that my husband and I signed up. We are now up and moving more than we ever would have before. The interaction with this friendly group of folks was great. Would  recommend this to anyone!”

– P. L. (participant with Arthritis )

“It was great to meet others with the same condition. We were able to vent our feelings freely and offered each other encouragement and support. Everyone learned that we are not alone.”
– P. H. (participant newly diagnosed with Diabetes)

“We have been shown how to improve the quality of our life by putting into practice the tools that have been placed into our hands. We have the opportunity to share what we have learned and what is written in the beautiful textbook with those around us. My workshop companions have shown me that we share the same challenges and can partake in the decision to improve our quality of life.” 
-S.N. (participant coping with Chronic Pain)

“In two weeks I have begun to understand what you are getting at – what do I want to achieve, short or long term, and how can I achieve that by achievable weekly goal setting - long term goal setting requires a sequence of short term goal setting to get me where I ultimately want to wind up, healthy enough to enjoy a trip to the British Isles.”
-R. H. (participant living with Parkinson’s Disease)